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Generate guaranteed
rent for your property
We manage over 600 properties across London with the ability to offer competitive market rates, 0% commission and no void periods, whilst providing a hassle-free and transparent service to our clients and tenants.
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Apex Housing Solutions is an established property management company based in central London. For over a decade, our team has worked tirelessly to develop a reputation for providing high-quality property management services inside the M25 for our landlords, partnered agents, and tenants.



We guarantee landlords a fee-free competitive monthly rental income, paid in advance with no void periods, whilst maintaining your property.

Estate Agents


We provide agents with a hassle-free, full management service at no cost, while promising guaranteed rent.

Our Approach


At the point of acquisition, we’ll carry out a thorough assessment of your property, including a valuation and a detailed inventory.


Guaranteed rent paid every month and in advance


0% Commission + no hidden fees


ISO 9001 accredited


Flexible leasing to suit your needs (1-5 years)


In-house property maintenance team


We only provide families as our tenants


About Guaranteed Rent

We guarantee a fee-free competitive monthly rental income that is paid in advance; where there are no void periods; and where you don’t need to concern yourself with the day to day management of your tenants or the upkeep of your properties.

With guaranteed rent at the heart of our offer, you’ll receive a personal service that covers everything from vetting tenants (who we ensure are always families), through to managing the ongoing relationship with them.

Local Authorities

Apex Housing Solutions is proud to work as a trusted partner to many local authorities providing quality housing solutions. Notably, our long lease scheme is ideal if you require a long-term, low-cost solution costed at or below the current LHA rates.

With strong relationships and extensive experience, we can genuinely understand and appreciate the needs of local authorities. We currently are actively in partnership with fourteen local authorities.


Our Approach

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Our Guaranteed Rent Scheme is one of the only schemes to pay landlords in advance, covering all areas within the M25

News & Updates

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