At Apex Housing Solutions, we handle everything: finding suitable tenants, managing their relationship, and dealing with all the necessary paperwork and compliance. We also pride ourselves on our own in-house property maintenance team.

Apex Housing Solutions are very hands-on with respect to any repairs which need to be conducted, and our landlords have stated a very friendly and personal approach throughout the tenancies.

Estate Agent

Our property maintenance service comes into effect as soon as you sign up with us. In order to get your property up to our required standard, we’re able to offer maintenance services at cost when we acquire your property.

Our highly experienced team manages 500 properties and on an ongoing basis provides landlords with the reassurance that their property is being properly maintained so that its value is protected, and if necessary, we will pull in specialist contractors.

Tenants living in one of our properties, meanwhile, receive the guarantee that any issues will be dealt with quickly and we conduct quarterly inspections to identify and repair and refurbishment needs early.

We also offer a 24-hour emergency line for when the issue needs a quick response.

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Meets the Housing Health and Safety Rating System

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Working carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms

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Laminate or tiled flooring in kitchens and bathrooms

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All appliances should be in good working order

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No holes, cracks, or dents on walls or cabinets

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Current and clean Periodic Inspection Report (PIR)


Property Requirements

To ensure rental properties meet quality standards, we ask landlords to ensure their properties are safe, clean and in a good state of repair to meet the Housing Health and Safety Rating System. Our property maintenance team is happy to provide repair services to bring your property up to scratch if needed.

If you are a looking to rent your property through Apex Housing Solutions, please refer to the following requirements.