Guaranteed Rent

It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has caused havoc on the property lettings industry. As a landlord you rely on the assurance of receiving rent, monthly and on time. But at a time where many tenants have left London, people are no longer moving homes in the city, and the tourism short-term letting industry has ground to a halt, many landlords are being forced to seek new solutions to fill their properties and guarantee their rent payments.

At Apex Housing Solutions, we provide landlords a guaranteed rental income no matter what. This is paid in advance, with no hidden fees. What’s more, we only provide families as tenants and manage all aspects of property maintenance. We have also adapted flexible leasing to fit the needs of landlords looking for let solutions during COVID-19.


Guaranteed rent paid every month and in advance


0% Commission + no hidden fees


Payments made within
24 hours of instruction


Flexible leasing to suit your needs (1-5 years)


In-house property maintenance team


We only provide families as our tenants

At a time where London is awash with empty properties landlords are unable to fill, we are proud to offer a service that will provide a guaranteed rent solution for our partnered landlords on a flexible leasing basis. We will manage property maintenance, tenant management (including sourcing tenants), and all the aspects between, all while guaranteeing our landlords their monthly rent – including during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

We remove all the stress of letting a property, from finding suitable tenants and then managing that relationship for the duration of the tenancy, through to dealing with all the necessary paperwork, compliance and property maintenance, not to mention then finding new tenants as quickly as possible once those have moved on.

At Apex Housing Solutions, the heart of our offer is a guarantee to our landlords that they will receive a monthly rental income for the duration of the lease, all while guaranteeing a fee-free competitive monthly rental income that is paid in advance; where there are no void periods; and where you don’t need to concern yourself with the day to day management of your tenants or the upkeep of your properties.

Assigned with a dedicated Account Manager, you will receive a personal service that covers everything from vetting tenants (who we ensure are always families), through to managing the ongoing relationship with them.

All we ask of you, is that your property meets certain requirements that cover heating and energy efficiency; carpets and floor coverings; overall decorative condition; windows and doors; bathrooms and WCs; electrics and lighting; and issues relating to the any outside space such as a garden. View our full list of requirements here.

Should your property require any improvements to bring them up to this standard, we are able to deploy our own in-house maintenance team who will also be on-hand throughout the duration of the tenancy to ensure that as tenants move on, your property remains in the same condition as it was on the day you entrusted it to us.  To ensure that this is done as efficiently as possible, we offer a 24-hour emergency line.

And you can trust us to deliver on this promise as we’ve been exceeding our clients’ expectations since 2008.

Apex Housing Solutions are efficient, polite and reliable. They have taken all of the hassle out of being a landlord, without having to pay for a management company. I could not ask for a better service

Landlord with Apex Housing Solutions


Property Requirements

To ensure rental properties meet quality standards, we ask landlords to ensure their properties are safe, clean and in a good state of repair to meet the Housing Health and Safety Rating System. Our property maintenance team is happy to provide repair services to bring your property up to scratch if needed.

If you are a looking to rent your property through Apex Housing Solutions, please refer to the following requirements.

Property Maintenance

We have our own in-house property maintenance team. This service comes into effect as soon as you sign up with us. We are also able to offer maintenance services at cost when we acquire your property to ensure that it is up to our required standard.

We provide landlords with the reassurance that their property is being properly maintained so that its value is protected and we will pull in specialist contractors if the repair necessitates this.


Property Maintanence

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