Investing in growth and opportunity

Untapped potential

Less than 25,000 new homes are delivered in London each year – half the 50,000 needed to meet demand.

There are 500,000 potential residential, commercial and public properties in London where unused rooftop ‘airspace’ can be developed into new homes.

Property owners are sitting under valuable ‘airspace’ commodities they don’t realise can earn them substantial additional returns.

Converting potential airspaces into apartment living is a relatively untapped market that will help address London’s housing shortage.

Investment opportunity

As a specialist property developer, we purchase the airspace rights from private property owners, local councils and housing associations to convert the space into apartment living – generating potential high returns for property investors and freeholders.

This development also adds value to the whole building through refurbishment of worn facades and improvements to the property entrance and common areas.

As a result Apex Airspace Development is witnessing unprecedented growth.

If you’re looking for business investment opportunities, and would like more information on Apex’s growth potential, we’d like to hear from you.

Contact Haroon Bhatti, Apex’s Investment Director at: hrb@apexairspace.co.uk or call +44 (0) 203 030 4241.

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